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Guidance and introduction to the apparel industry.

The following are examples of fabrics and their origins: The main materials used for garments are fabrics such as leather, wool, linen, canvas, silk, silk and imitation leather. ... in the garment industry there are many fabrics according to the actual needs to be used accordingly.

Materials used in the above fabrics are usually derived from two main types are from nature and chemical materials. Materials like this are used in yarns, then knit together in a knockout fashion. Sponges used to be handmade, but today are used with more modern machines.

Natural fabrics are fabrics used primarily from nature: such as lay plants, belts, cotton ... (collected from thorns, jute and cotton), if from animal, from wool Silk fabrics, duck feathers ... Natural fibers are commonly used in the world as well as in Vietnam. Cotton yarn, such as kaki fabric, kaki fabric, etc. As for silk fabrics, they are usually made of high quality fabric, which is very expensive. gender is very popular.

B. Characteristics of cotton

This is a cotton fabric that is easy to absorb moisture, airy, heat-resistant. Clothing, canvas bags, or kaki bags are sewn in these fabrics to cool and sweat easily. The disadvantage of this fabric is crumpled, difficult to keep sticky, easy to humid.For cotton fabrics that are usually sewn in men's and women's clothes, for example: For making necklaces, round neck t-shirts using 100% cotton for preschools, or for high-end t-shirts to ensure Coolness, hygiene requirements, and body protection.With this fabric you should be regularly cleaned, dried in the sun, stored in a dry place and prevent moldy can withstand temperatures of 180 - 200 degrees C.In the "production of cloth bag handle" I will introduce the fabric with chemical fiber to get a better understanding of the principles and properties of fabric fibers.


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